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And last night, in my adventures around Amalur...

... I ran around a fly-infested midden heap, taking earrings off corpses.

There is not much joy to be found in this game. Seriously, the only happy that is ever directed at you is when you fill someone's request, which is usually made in desperation. So the happy is more like relieved gratitude. My companions suck, too. One's an alcoholic and the other's a ~mysterious elf~. And they only show up in places that are important to the main plot. Otherwise, I travel alooooone. All alooooone.

I've come to the conclusion that Amalur would be perfect if it incorporated the party system of Dragon Age, where the companions have personalities and also talk to each other. I like games that are something like interactive fiction. Mass Effect and Dragon Age are good examples of this. Like choose-your-own-adventure, but in digital form. Skyrim and Oblivion were lovely, but the games are so open that I feel a little lost. And no one you meet really has a personality. (Especially not your character.) On the flipside, games like Persona and Tales of Vesperia are also fun, but maybe a little too structured for me to call them my favorite game type.

Not that I won't play the next Elder Scrolls, Persona and Tales of games when I get the chance. But I've finally played enough video games to kind of figure out what is really going to make me happy as a gamer.


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