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So, I have this one friend. I don't tend to spend all that much time around her, because she's kind of neurotic and self-centered after a while she starts to drive me up the wall. But, overall, I didn't think she was so bad. Lately, though, she's starting to freak me out a little.

Every week, I head to the apartment she shares with a really good friend of mine to hang out and watch Game of Thrones. Aside from the fact that she really likes to tear into some of the female characters, this arrangement has been more or less enjoyable. She's not caught up on all the books yet, but just recently finished the fourth (after a long bout of complaining about how boring it was because all her favorite characters weren't in it -- when they introduce a handful of really cool characters you could easily become interested in!). So, she knows what happens in the life of Theon Greyjoy.

Summary that is as spoiler-free as I can make it: Theon is torn between to worlds, really wants to be a part of at least one of them, and so he makes a lot of really bad decisions to try and gain acceptance. He does some questionable things, and then lets people believe he does even worse things, but eventually, he falls into the hands of a truly sadistic character who beats and maims and tortures him into a dissociative break. (Said sadist is a Bolton. Boltons like to flay people. Sadist likes this more than the average Bolton.)

Last night's episode dealt with Theon's first Really Bad Decision. My friend gets so angry and says "he deserves what happens to him".

.... a little freaked out, now.

Incidentally, not even Robb would have wanted that. Even Catelyn is repulsed.
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I thought about doing this on Plurk, but realized I could do a much better job here!

So, it's been about three weeks since I started back up with journal RP and the most important thing is I am enjoying myself. There are things about playing at Marina that I really did miss (the other players first and foremost). I am having a little trouble managing my tags, keeping up and prioritizing, and suchlike. Good to know that hasn't changed...? orz

But, since I feel like being fluffy, I'm just going to gloss over that part and mention a few reasons I love playing in Marina's DGM cast:

- Kanda's canon update
- Allen's canon update
- Link
- Road
- Tyki (and Tyki's canon update)
- If I ever need a prop or side project for Lavi, I have the luxury of picking anything that seems both useless and interesting

I might have to sit down after the anniversary plot and sketch out a personal plot for Lavi -- a loose one, but something to work him toward, as a canon update for him isn't in the cards just yet. The thing I want most is for him to be a part of what's going on with the others, even if most of them aren't going to tell him details. This is on me to make sure he's paying attention.

In other ramblings, I love playing Hawke. And I miss playing C.C. And I'm still settling into Castle with Tsunpire, but so far, I really enjoy Treva's Fuuma. :)


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